At Villengua Translations, we do everything to make sure our customers get nothing but the best quality.

Your communication materials transmit your company's image. They have been carefully created and conceived to be used in your country. Our mission is to export your image to the international market.

At Villengua Translations, we have the right people and the right tools needed to ensure that you will get exactly the texts you want and need.


The People

All of our linguists are native speakers of their target language, have extensive knowledge of their respective source languages and cultures, and a university background in translation. Together, they cover a wide variety of specialised fields, enabling us to provide accurate and natural sounding translations, informed by subject matter expertise for almost any kind of text.

At Villengua Translations, we are passionate about high-quality language services and always strive to deliver a perfect product that will serve its intended purpose in the target market. As we know that even the best of us can make mistakes, we work according to the 'four-eye principle'. This means that on request the translation is proofread by another member of our team to make sure that no mistake slips through.


The Tools

Even in 2014, the most important tool for providing translation and other language-related services is still a human brain. However, using the right technology can be of invaluable assistance in extending a professional linguist's abilities even further. For this reason, we make sure to keep up with ongoing developments and strive to provide our linguists with the best possible access to state-of-the-art technological aids as well as any information and training resources they find useful.

Probably the most important tools currently in use at Villengua Translations are translation memory systems. By recognising repetitions and allowing us to leverage past translations, these systems help us to speed up the translation process and maintain terminology consistency throughout projects. Other tools we use include glossaries, specialised dictionaries and a range of quality assurance tools such as spellcheckers and consistency checking software.